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Self-help books recommended by a therapist

A mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression can make you feel unworthy, worthless, and purposeless. Therapists work with people from all different walks of life who experience anxiety and depression and the impacts on their mental health. Depression and anxiety impact many Americans on a day to day basis and we experience this impact in our work, relationships, marriage, family, and outlook on life.

In addition to self-help books therapists assist clients in understanding the root of their pain and managing their symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therapy provides clients with the tools to manage their emotions and anxious thoughts in order to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

There is so much power in making the decision to improve your life. You may choose to remain stuck in your negative situation or you may choose to make a change. When making the choice to read self-help books and work with a licensed therapist for anxiety or depression you are truly putting your mental health first.

Below find 5 therapist-recommended self-help books on combating depression and anxiety.

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​Do therapists recommend self-help books? 

The answer is yes. Therapists recommend self-help books for clients seeking self-improvement. The type of book recommended varies by the client's current situation and the progress in therapy. Not all therapists go out of their way to recommend psychology reading material but some do especially to eager readers who enjoy additional information.

These are only 5 self-help books recommended by a licensed therapist in Campbell, CA. but there are books avaialble to you. If you are currently working with a therapist it might be ideal to discuss book recommendations with them to see which book they feel might be fitting depending on what you are processing in therapy. These are mere recommendations and ultimetely you decide which book you think to be fitting.

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Why read self-help books for your mental health

Self-help books are an excellent resource if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, past trauma, or relationship issues. Anxiety can lead us to overthink, second-guess ourselves, assume the worst, and doubt our potential. Self-help books assist in challenging your anxious thoughts and listening to your inner voice. They can also help provide insight into how your thoughts may be contributing to your feelings of anxiety and provide strategies to help you manage them. Additionally, self-help books can provide advice and strategies to help you develop healthier thought patterns and habits.

There are also great work books for anxiety. Depression can overcome our mind and body.

Self-help books recommended by a licensed therapist in Campbell, CA are a great tool for thinking outside the box and seeing past your situation. Depression can negatively impact our mental health and leave us crippling. A self-help book can be a great resource to motivate you to move past your current situation. Self-help books provide insight and understanding into how to manage and cope with depression. They can provide strategies to help you identify and manage triggers, as well as provide guidance on how to create positive habits and rituals to help you stay positive and motivated. Additionally, they can provide a safe space to process your feelings and build resilience.

Sometimes you aren't struggling with depression but just need an additional kicker of motivation and self-help books can do just that. Maybe you have a business idea, thinking of changing careers, getting back to dating, moving to an unfamiliar city, or wanting to improve your outlook on life then self-help books can assist. All in all, self-help books can be immensely helpful in providing that extra boost of motivation and encouragement to get the most out of life.

Additional Resources for Depression

Check out an additional reading list for more books that provide deeper insight on depression here. Please keep in mindthat these resources are not intended to serve as a replacement for treatment by a trained professional. If your depression is becoming unbearable and unmanagable to the point that it is putting you in a safety comprimising situation please contact 911 or a suicide hotline.

If you’re interested in exploring what therapy might look like with a psychotherapist who specializes in depression, schedule your free consultation. If you are seeking a licensed therapist in Campbell, CA to support and help you through your depression, Healing Therapy Services would be a great mental health treatment option. People with depression can receive a caring and supportive licensed therapist from Healing Therapy Services as part of their depression treatment.

Additional Resources for Anxiety

Check out an additional reading list for more books. Check out these 13 books about anxiety here.

If you’re interested in exploring what therapy might look like with a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety, schedule a free consultation to speak with a licensed therapist for anxiety treatment. Healing Therapy Services knows that anxiety impacts many adults, teens, and couples therefore provides evidence-based treatment to assist clients with anxiety management.

Reading the right self-help books can help you learn coping techniques and give you insight into your past experiences. This will validate the emotions you are experiencing based on past traumatic or hurtful events. These five self-help books are a reminder that you are not alone in your mental health struggles and that there are trained mental health professionals that get it.

Reading self-help books is a step in the right direction. These recommendations are from a licensed therapist but ultimately consult with your therapist or psychiatrist if these reads would be appropriate fit for you.

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