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Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling Service

Couples Therapy in San Jose, Ca and Couples Counseling in Campbell, Ca. Passionate about helping married couples heal and thrive in their relationship through marriage counseling. 

Relationship Counseling because you are ready to heal your marriage 

There is no doubt that marriage is a beautiful experience, but it also comes with its share of stress and anxiety. Some couples need professional help from a couples therapist in Silicon Valley. If you are looking for a therapist in Silicon Valley, we are here to help. We at Healing Therapy Services place a high value on the safety and security of the marriage.We have been helping married couples in Silicon Valley deal with some hardships that have entered the marriage. Marriage hardships include financial stress, anxiety, communication issues, depression, unhealed childhood trauma, infertility, broken trust, lack of connection, and parenting differences. In couples counseling we address the issues in the marriage and provide couples with the tools to recover and move forward. It has been our privilege to help couples in Silicon Valley heal and improve their marriages for a number of years, and our marriage and couples therapist in San Jose, CA and Campbell, CA can help you do the same.

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Start Couples Counseling in Silicon Valley 

Couples Therapy in San Jose, Ca & Relationship Counseling in Campbell, Ca

Benefits of Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Campbell, CA 
  • Couples counseling helps with co-parenting 

  • Couples therapy helps couples recover from infidelity

  • Couples therapy supports both partners in building trust for affair recovery

  • Couples therapy and marriage counseling helps resolve financial issues 

  • Couples counseling improves communication and listening skills 

  • Couples counseling and marriage therapy helps resolve conflicts

  • Couples therapy and relationship counseling can help improve intimacy 

Common Couples Counseling Questions 

Relationships and marriage is not always easy. When you pair up with a couples therapist in Campbell, Ca you get to the nitty gritty of your relationship. Some couples seek couples counseling because of a rupture in the relationship. This can include infidelity, poor communication, constant arguing, lack of intimacy, and poor connection. 

If you want to start tackling difficult topics with your partner/spouse seeing a couples therapist in San Jose, Ca and Campbell will help.

Whatever reason you want to begin couples therapy in Campbell, Healing Therapy Services is here to help. Couples therapy and marriage counseling are one of the most effective ways to care for your partnership. 


You are seeking couples therapy in the Silicon Valley because you are ready and committed to improve things in your marriage or relationship and Healing Therapy Services has you covered. 


You want to work with a couples therapist that is accepting and supportive. Couples Therapy in Campbell, Ca and San Jose is super safe, although it can be uncomfortable at times due to addressing difficult topics. Healing Therapy Services believes couples should have a safe space to explore their stressors and thoughts without judgment. Pairing up with a couples therapist in Campbell, Ca will support you and your partner and get to the bottom of things. You will experience improved communication and build the connection in couples therapy.


You do not need to be married to participate in couples therapy.  Relationship counseling in San Jose,Ca  supports couples wanting to improve their relationship even if they are not married. Many couples see a couples therapist to improve their communication, connection, and rebuild trust even if not being married. Couples therapy is a supportive process for married and non-married couples. Couples therapy in San Jose, Ca is a powerful mental health resource meant to help all couples. Healing Therapy Services accepts all couples. 

Counseling for couples in Campbell, CA and San Jose, CA

Healing Therapy Services offers couples therapy in Campbell, CA to help couples improve their relationships. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We begin all initial sessions by asking you what you want to focus on. Once you start working with a couples therapist in Campbell, you will experience the benefits of marriage counseling and couples therapy. We love serving the Silicon Valley and want to help couples heal and thrive. Healing Therapy Services has helped many Silicon Valley couples make positive changes. Schedule a consultation with us and we can get to work. 

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