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Loving Couple

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

 In-Person & Online Couples Counseling in San Jose, CA

Couples Therapy: Strengthening Relationships and Enhancing Connection

Relationship Benefits from Couples Therapy

  • Feeling like you both don't see eye to eye

  • Poor communication

  • Frequent arguing and conflict 

  • Decreased physical intimacy and no emotional connection

  • Consistent trust issues 

  • Unrealistic expectations of the relationship/marriage

  • Struggling to co-parent

  • Never have enough time together 

  • Your relationship feels like a chore 

  • Other people are noticing and/or contenting on your problems 

  • Having a hard time letting go of the past 

Couples Therapy For the Dedicated Couples

The key to a successful relationship is dedication. In order to succeed in a relationship, you need to put in time, effort, and commitment. There are many benefits to couples therapy, including strengthening communication, improving conflict resolution skills, and rebuilding connections between couples. Couples therapy in Campell, CA is an excellent option if you are looking to address marital and relationship problems with a trained professional who has experience helping couples. 


When you do couples therapy at Healing Therapy Services, you can be assured that your relationship won't be judged. A licensed therapist listens without judgment or taking sides. The goal in couples therapy and marriage counseling is to help couples better understand each other and learn how to be in a relationship. By addressing communication issues in couples therapy sessions we can hopefully foster long-term happiness. Your marriage and relationship is an investment. Ifyou both are ready to start couples counseling in Campbell, CA then your therapist at Healing Therapy Services is ready to help. 

couples counseling in San Jose, CA
Improve Communication

Couples therapy can help improve communication by teaching how to actively listen, voice needs and emotions calmly. 

LGBTQ counseling in Campbell,CA
Improve Intimacy 

Couples therapy in Campbell,CA  can help couples  improve physical intimacy, quality of time, emotional connection, and affection. 

marriage counseling in Campbell,CA
Rebuild Trust

Couples therapy in Campbell, CA to repair broken trust, get through hard times, increase reliability and feel secure. 

Common Couples Therapy Questions

Is couples therapy good for the relationship?

There are many benefits to having couples therapy such as improved communication, repairing trust and emotional connection, learning to listen and compromise, address individual fears and insecurities, learn conflict resolution skills, and so on.

Can couples therapy help with intimacy issues? 

Couples therapy in San Jose, CA can assist in building and repairing trust and the connection that gets in the way of having intimacy. Sometimes it's busy schedules that can keep from bonding but there are also other barriers such as unresolved issues, resentment, etc. At Healing Therapy Services we help couples make time for building a connection. We want couples to improve intimacy. 

How long does it take for Couples Therapy to start working? 

Couples therapy is a process not for a "quick fix." Couples therapy and marriage counseling is a place for growth and discovering more of the self and the partnership. Resolving issues will take time because most issues did not take place in one day so it's not a one day fix. All you have to do is show up for each other. By showing up for each other in couples counseling over time you will should see improvements in your relationship. 

Can couples counseling be online?

Couples counseling and marriage counseling can be online or it can be done face-to-face. You and your partner can do couples therapy in Campbell, CA or through video sessions when it's convenient. If you choose online counseling it is best if you have privacy and a quiet space to process your emotions and thoughts with your couples therapist. 

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