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 Trauma Therapy & Treatment
in Campbell, Ca and Online


Help From a Trauma Therapist in Campbell, Ca 

Healing Therapy Services in Campbell  provides specialized counseling and mental health support. We are focused on treating trauma and providing clients with valuable self-care tools. Healing Therapy Services is the ideal choice for anyone needing emotional healing from trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Therapy is a clinical process that helps individuals process trauma and heal from past experiences. Healing Therapy Services in Campbell provides a secure and safe environment to explore a wide range of issues and feelings, from abandonment to hopefulness. Trauma therapy is a process designed to help you develop skills to manage your emotions, express yourself, and build better relationships. Through trauma therapy provided by a trauma therapist, individuals can gain a greater understanding of themselves and their feelings, leading to a brighter and more hopeful future. 

"When people suffer deeply, they often attempt to distance themselves from their emotional pain by avoiding it." - Mark Wolynn

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What is trauma and how can trauma therapist help?

Trauma can be a one-time event such as a car accident or repeated exposure such as physical or sexual abuse. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to suffer childhood trauma in the form of repeated abuse, abandonment, or separation. Untreated trauma can leave a negative and lasting imprint which can make it difficult to trust others, focus due to possible flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, or feelings of guilt or shame. A trauma therapist in Campbell can support in dissecting, processing, and improving how you feel. 

An individual with a history of trauma is more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, suicidality, poor emotion regulation, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We also support couples who have experienced past trauma impacting their partnership. Couples counseling in Campbell, CA is available for couples noticing past trauma entering the partnership. 

Healing from Past Trauma

Repeated traumatic exposure can leave us feeling uneasy about trusting or relying on others. Traumatic exposure can teach us that some people are not safe to trust. In trauma therapy we can define what safety means to you and explore the ways you have learned to acquire and create safety within yourself. 

Trauma therapy is meant to support you through this tough time.  You are strong and learned how to survive, but now let's live the life you deserve. Healing Therapy Services in Campbell, CA helps adults and youth overcome trauma and live fulfilled lives. 

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Start Your Healing Journey Today With Healing Therapy Services

If unaddressed or unhealed, past childhood trauma can have a detrimental effect on your relationships. If you have a hard time trusting, it may be because you are afraid that those you love will abandon, hurt, abuse, or reject you. Depending on your situation, you may even try to leave people or keep them emotionally distant. We can feel defeated when trauma shows up, but therapy can help. We can learn to trust and build meaningful relationships again. A skilled therapist can help you heal from the pain of childhood trauma and develop healthy coping strategies. With the right support, you can learn to trust again and build relationships that are safe and nurturing.It is possible to begin to heal from generational trauma, childhood pain, and recent traumatic wounds when you work with a therapist who is trained and passionate about addressing these issues. In Campbell, CA, Healing Therapy Services is dedicated to giving you the space to meet your best self.

Healing Therapy Services is here to help you face your trauma.
Counseling to start healing

Accessing therapy in Campbell is an excellent way to treat trauma. If you are looking for a therapist in Ca, specifically a licensed therapist that is trauma informed then Healing Therapy Services in Campbell is for you. If you are motivated and ready to find a therapist we are here to assist you with your healing. Healing Therapy Services in Silicon Valley can provide support, guidance, and coping strategies to manage your trauma and start feeling better.  Call for a free consultation and let's start your journey to healing!

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