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Kari Del Real, LMFT, Owner
Licensed Therapist in San Jose, CA

Welcome to Healing Therapy Services. Effective therapy in the Silicon Valley. Providing counseling for couples wanting to strengthen their relationship and individual therapy for adults & teens dealing with anxiety.  


Dealing with a strained relationship or marriage? 

I have successfully helped couples overcome relationship difficulties and restore connection in couples therapy. 


Struggling with anxiety, childhood trauma or depression?

Our Silicon Valley therapy office offers a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic space to collaboratively examine your thoughts, process your emotions, and get to the root of your problem. 

kari del real

Licensed therapist in Campbell, Ca and Online

Individual Treatment Specialities: 

  • Anxiety 

  • Childhood Trauma 

  • Depression

  • Narcissism Abuse

  • Relationship Anxiety

  • Attachment issues 

Couples Therapy Specialities:

  • Communication issues 

  • Sex issues & poor emotional connection

  • Co-dependency 

  • Infidelity & lack of trust 

  • Co-parenting issues

Get the effective treatment you need, one therapy session at a time

therapy in San Jose, CA
Types of Therapy Treatment Offered 

The therapeutic treatment modality you receive varies by what your therapy and mental health needs are. Teens, adults, and couples have different therapy needs and we meet you where you are at. 

Therapeutic treatment modalities are aimed to address anxiety, depression, mood, trauma, and relationship stress. Some clients benefit from CBT for anxiety disorders or childhood trauma, while others might benefit from Psychodynamic for depression. Not all therapy needs are the same so the treatment offered is based on the counseling need and the mental health goals. Your therapist will tailor the therapeutic approach to best support you. 

Beginning therapy can feel empowering. We support you through it

You feel ready to begin your therapy journey with a mental health professional help. 

Maybe you have recognized that your relationship or marriage needs help and you are ready to start couples therapy with a couples counselor in San Jose, CA. 


Or maybe you are noticing that your anxiety, depression, and stress is at an all time high. You need to work with a therapist to begin anxiety treatment and depression treatment. 


Whatever the reasons are that bring you to therapy with a licensed therapist can help. 

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Work with a  therapist that  
gets you

You deserve to feel safe and heard in therapy 

We begin addressing your stress or any other mental health concern you might have. Beginning therapy for the first time can feel anxiety inducing, but we get it. You are not alone and we walk with you every step of the way. Providing couples therapy in San Jose, CA and individual therapy is what we do best. We help people in the Silicon Valley heal and thrive through therapy. 

Healing Therapy Services
Counseling & Therapy Values 

Healing Therapy Services accepts people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, backgrounds, and upbringings. You don't have to worry about feeling judged for your struggles or mental health. 


Working with a therapist to address stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues is an excellent place to begin witnessing positive changes. We are dedicated to helping adults, teens, and couples prosper in the Silicon Valley. We are accepting, non-judgmental, and equipped therapists to provide couples therapy in Campbell, CA and individual therapy in San Jose, CA. Your mental health is priority in the Silicon Valley.


We welcome and invite you to come to Healing Therapy Services as you are, and we provide safe therapeutic and counseling services. 

Therapy Credentials & Education


M.A Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University 

B.A Psychology, Notre Dame de Namur University 


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in California 

LMFT #134764

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