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couples counseling in Campbell, CA


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Healing Therapy Services in Campbell, CA is a safe space for all.Healing Therapy Services believes that individual therapy or couples therapy in the Silicon Valley must be effective you need to be paired up with a therapist that gets you and accepts you. Our therapy practice is accepting, safe, and supportive.


We provide counseling to help couples, adults and teens with anxiety feel seen heard, cared for, valued, respected, and supported. Some of the counseling techniques we use to help individuals and couples with anxiety include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which assists individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. Depending on your therapy needs, your therapist will also incorporate relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. Incorporating grounding techniques in therapy can help you manage youranxiety and depression. 

Healing Therapy Services is a private therapy practice serving clients in Campbell, CA and San Jose, Ca area. We are passionate about mental health services and seeing people thrive. We offer anxiety treatment, depression therapy, trauma therapy, couples counseling, and more. 

Therapy should be the least stressful thing in your life. Therapy is supposed to feel safe, calming, and productive. If you want to see positive changes in your life but at a pace that works for you then schedule your free 15 minute consultation. Your story matters and Healing Therapy Services is here to listen. 

Therapy Services include: 

couples therapy, individual therapy for adults, individual therapy for teens, and family therapy. 


The therapy practice delivers effective clinical care for adults, teens, and couples. Healing Therapy Services provides evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. The treatment approach depends on your needs. 


Session Times: 

We offer evening and weekend therapy session hours which is convenient for working professionals. Therapy session times work great for working adults and couples who do a 9-5 work schedule. Our evening times also work great for couples with busy schedules, especially couples with children. 

Therapy locations:

Counseling is provided Online or onsite at the Campbell office. Directions to office click here. 

We also provide counseling and therapy services in surrounding areas such as therapy in San Jose, CA and couples therapy in Los Gatos Silicon Valley. Online therapy and online couples counseling is available to people living in California. Virtual counseling with an online therapist is easy, safe, and accessible to California residents. 

Mother and Child

Do therapy with a caring and experienced therapist in the Silicon Valley

At Healing Therapy Services, our priority is to address and treat the issues you are coming in with. During the consultation process we cover your concerns and get to the root of why you are seeking individual counseling, marriage counseling, or couples therapy in San Jose, Ca and Campbell. If your goal is to improve your relationship, improve your parenting, improve communication, manage anxiety or depression or process your childhood trauma--Healing Therapy Services is for you. 

Silicon Valley Counseling for your Mental Health

Relationships and life can sometimes be challenging. There isn't an instruction manual on navigating these hardships but you can receive the support to get through it. A Campbell therapist & online counselor can incorporate therapy techniques based on empathy and research-based methods backed by science to give you results. 

Healing Therapy Services in Campbell, CA supports adults, teens, and couples with intimacy anxiety, depression, and trauma. We also support adults with social anxiety, self-esteem issues, career stress, and relationships. 



anxiety treatment in San Jose, CA
Today is the day to improve your mental health.
Lets start healing. 

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45 N First St. 

Campbell, Ca 95008


p: 408-620-7498

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