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Parenting Counseling in Campbell, CA

San Jose and Campbell Therapist

Co-parenting has its ups and downs. It's not always easy to agree on co-parenting. Speaking to a couples therapist in Campbell, Ca will assist you and your partner in aligning in your parenting and solving the communication differences.

Healing Therapy Services supports parents' mental health and counsels parents in raising children together in a peaceful and loving environment. 

Healing Therapy Services in Campbell, CA provides counseling services for divorced, separated, or single parents and their families. 

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Therapy to Help  Families and Children Grow

What is parenting therapy? 

Parenting therapy is a specialized form of therapy that supports parents in addressing the hardships and parenting differences that come with raising children. Parenting therapy with a licensed therapist can assist parents in addressing communication differences that can create complications in caring for children. 

Why should parents go to therapy

Parents should consider parenting therapy when the differences in their parenting is beginning to create stress in the household, negatively impact the child or children, creating arguments, and becoming too stressful to continue parenting as is. This might be a sign that you need support from a therapist that is neutral, supportive, and unbiased. Co-parenting counseling can assist you in parenting in a way that feels helpful and peaceful. 

Do children benefit from parents seeking counseling? 

Children will benefit from their parents doing counseling because you will learn new and effective coping and parenting tools that will assist you in your communication and relationship with your child. Children observe how parents' communicate and if your communication consists of frequent arguments, avoiding, yelling, or reacting out of anger chances are they will repeat these behaviors as well. Children want to connect with their parents but how can they connect when the parents spend majority of the time splitting or fighting. Parenting isn't easy. There are many books and resources in parenting but sometimes you need a professional therapist to help.

Parental Counseling To Create Peace At Home

Some topics covered in parent counseling:​

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out

  • lack of work-life balance

  • Communication issues 

  • Single parenting struggles

  • Co-parenting for separated or divorced parents

  • Financial concerns

  • Marital problems/Separation or divorce

  • Dealing with grief and loss 

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Counseling for Divorced and Separated Parents in San Jose,CA area

Parental counseling can still benefit you even if you're separated. It may be time to consider working with a professional therapist who is experienced in working with children, couples, and separated parents if you struggle with co-parenting. A therapist can help you navigate the emotional issues that come with separation, such as anger, resentment, and confusion. They can also provide advice on how to effectively communicate with your ex-spouse, as well as strategies to help you work together in the best interest of your children.

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Mental Health Resources for Parents 
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