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Anxiety Therapy 

Therapy for anxiety in San Jose, CA and online

Why am I always worried things will go wrong?


Anxiety is the consist state of worry and feeling of uneasiness. The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as an "emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure." 


Are you noticing that you are struggling in making decisions? Always worried something will go wrong? Struggling in relationships? Feeling on edge and restless? Are people telling you, "you worry too much?" If you answered yes to a lot of the above questions it is time to get some help. Pair up with an anxiety therapist.


Individual Therapy helps with anxiety by allowing you to get to the core of the problems and finding solutions. Counseling with a licensed therapist can assist you in discovering the underlying cause of your worries and fears; learn how to feel calm; address your thoughts; and develop better ways of coping so that you don't feel consumed by anxiety. Treatment for anxiety will help you focus, improve self-esteem, handle stressors, and feel more confident. 

Anxiety Symptoms

You might experience anxiety disorders as:

  • Easily Irritated 

  • Frequent worry something will go wrong 

  • Struggle with last minute changes 

  • Can't handle interruptions 

  • Difficulties Sleeping 

  • Nervousness 

  • Restleness/ can't sit still

  • Feeling on edge/jittery 

  • Poor Concentration 

  • Panic attacks 

  • Rumination or negative thoughts

Various Anxiety Disorders treated in therapy 
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) 

  • Panic Disorder/ Panic Attacks 

  • Social Anxiety Disorder 

  • Seperation Anxiety Disorder 

  • Anxiety with dating 

  • Anxiety in job settings 

  • Anxiety with traveling 

  • Anxiety with parenting 

Anxiety disorders are a common problem. You can feel better with therapy.

Work with a Campbell & San Jose therapist today.


Anxiety treatment can benefit anyone. Teens, children, and adults can benefit from anxiety treatment in Campbell, CA. The treatment of anxiety can also be provided virtually through the use of online counseling. As people begin to treat their anxiety with therapy, they notice an improvement in their mood, concentration, relationships, work performance, and dating. Anxiety treatment is a crucial step in managing mental health and leading a fulfilling life.


You can help someone struggling with anxiety by being an emotional support system, encouraging them to get professional help such as seeing a licensed therapist, counselor, or speaking to their doctor. Healing Therapy Services is equipped to help teens, children, and adults struggling with anxiety and other mental health problems, like depression. 


  • Address your triggers 

  • Manage your worry and overthinking 

  • Learn coping skills to life stressors 

  • Process past trauma that could contribute to current anxiety

  • Learn to calm you body and mind 

Being anxious can feel overwhelming, but anxiety treatment can help.

Have you ever thought "nobody likes me? I have no one to support me?" When in reality you do have people that care about you but you are trapped in these unhelpful thoughts when you are struggling emotionally? When we are sad or anxious it is so easy to assume that no one cares about us and question what you have to give society. However, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Your anxiety is making you second guess yourself and can make you feel unwanted and feel like your life is spiraling out of control, but with therapy we can help you take your power back. You have so many positive things coming your way. Counseling can help you manage your anxiety and improve your mood.

With the assistance of a licensed counselor, you can address your thoughts and enjoy your life again. When you are suffering from anxiety, you may feel trapped and powerless, but there is a treatment that can help you. In addition to being an effective, evidence-based approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has helped thousands of people overcome anxiety problems. Research supports that cognitive behavioral therapy works to address anxious thoughts that impact your emotions and contribute to impulsive behavior. 

Why begin anxiety treatment in Campbell, CA

You want to feel better. You want to be able to make decisions without second guessing yourself. You want to function in relationships without always assuming the worst. Others have pointed out that "you worry too much." You want to feel more confident and more secure. You want to be able to feel at ease in new relationships instead of feeling like you have to have your guard up. Anxiety treatment is available to you. Therapy helps many people struggling with anxiety feel more at peace and address what triggers their anxiety. You don't have to live your life in fear or overthinking. We are here to support you. 

You don’t have to suffer from anxiety alone.

We offer support from our Campbell, CA-based therapy practice. Contact us directly to request a 15 minute phone consult. Healing Therapy Services in Campbell offers comprehensive counseling solutions that help you manage anxiety and focus your concentration. This is so you can make decisions and control your life. Take care of your mental health with anxiety treatment in San Jose, Ca and in Campbell, Ca. Stop worrying and suffering and get the help you need with a caring therapist. We also know that anxiety can be found in relationships as well and make it difficult to connect. Therefore we offer couples counseling. Couples counseling in Campbell, CA is ideal for the couples wanting to strengthen their partnership. Our goal in counseling is to ease overwhelming anxiety so that you can achieve balance and success in your life again. 

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