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Couples Therapy for Physical Intimacy 

 Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Campbell, Ca and Online

Lets Talk About intimacy

Is sex NOT happening in your relationship?

It's been a few weeks or months, right? Are you feeling rejected by your partner or not feeling "in the mood?" For some couples, discussing sex can be challenging. For couples that struggle with this issue, open and honest communication is key to creating an environment where both partners feel safe and supported.

Couples and marriage counseling address intimacy barriers and improve connection.  In couples counseling the focus is to make changes that will lead to stronger emotional connection and physical closeness. We want couples to feel wanted, needed, desired, and cared for by each other. Healing Therapy Services believes in passion and healthy communication. 

sex therapy in San Jose, CA

Helping couples build intimacy and connection 

Many couples enter couples therapy and marriage counseling for intimacy issues. Sex is supposed to be special in your partnership and let's face it talking about your needs with your partner is not always easy. Opening up about your needs or concerns can cause anxiety and trigger some fears. We offer couples counseling to help you be real, honest, and genuine. Couples Therapy is a safe place to explore your sexual needs and interests with your partner and Healing Therapy Services offers that. We listen, accept, and care for your needs. In couples therapy you will discover new ways of connecting with your partner. 

Helping Couples Meet their Needs & Build Intimacy  

We are professional, non-judgmental, and accepting of all couples. If you have sex concerns in your relationship we can talk about it. We are trained and skilled in working with couples struggling with sex issues and emotional connection.  


Couples counseling will help you and your partner address emotional and physical intimacy barriers. Intimacy is not only about sex but also about emotional connection. Working with a licensed marriage and family therapist will benefit couples seeking couples counseling in San Jose and Campbell. 

In couples therapy and marriage counseling there is no judgement. You and your partner can learn to connect better and understand each other more deeply. You will gain insight into how to handle difficult conversations and issues in a constructive way. You can also learn how to create a more secure emotional bond and build trust.

sex therapy in San Jose, CA| couples counsseling| couples therapy

Talk about Sex with a Couples Therapist in CA

In couples therapy and individual therapy we can explore your views of sex and sexual needs in your relationship. Sex is a healthy component of partnership but we understand each couple has different views.


If you are noticing that it has been some time since you and your partner have been able to connect with each other, then couples therapy in Campbell would be a place to begin accessing support. Online counseling is also an option. If you want to talk about your needs and fears with your partner regarding sex and intimacy in a safe environment we are here for you. Couples therapy and individual therapy can be done in-person or online in California. We don't shame you, we accept you. 

To note, if you have experienced past sexual trauma and it's showing in your relationship, Healing Therapy Services can support you with trauma therapy to address the layers of trauma. 


Helping Couples Build Intimacy

Common Sex Therapy Questions Partners Have

How often should couples have sex? 

There is no exact number of how often couples should have sex. The beauty of partnership is that you both get to decide how often and what acts work for you. Some couples come to couples counseling because they notice that the intimacy connection is lacking. We support couples to open up in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Couples therapy in Campbell helps couples communicate openly their needs and feelings regarding sex/sexual intimacy. Each couple decides the frequency of sex that works for them. Sex should be consensual and safe. Couples therapy in Campbell offers a safe environment to discuss sexual needs.


Is scheduling sex a good idea?  

Some couples need to schedule sex because of their busy lives. There is nothing wrong with scheduling sex. Ifanything it demonstrates your commitment to bonding with your partner. Scheduling is not for everyone. We help busy couples make time for intimacy. Couples counseling in Campbell provides that space to talk about your connection desires and learn to manage your hectic schedules. Talking about sex in therapy is healthy and with a licensed couples therapist we can explore ways of voicing your needs and experiencing improved sexual pleasure. 

What if I want more or less sex than my partner, can couples therapy help? 

Everyone has different sexual needs. Some people have a higher or lower sexual drive. Couples therapy in Campbell can be a place to safely discuss your sexuality. If you want more or less sex, let's talk about it. Through consistent couples counseling we can find a compromise that meets both couples' needs. A couples therapist won't shame you for voicing your needs, we validate, listen, and support you. 

I'm Ready to Uncover Passion in My Relationship

  •  Improve intimacy

  • Communicate your needs and desires

  • Feel wanted and accepted 

  • Feel loved 

  • Have more passion 

  • Build connection and physical closeness 

  • Explore new possibilities 

It's time to book your consultation to talk to a couples therapist and take the next step to begin couples therapy in Cambell, CA or online. 

sex therapy in Campbell, Ca
Healing Therapy Services Helps Couples with Intimacy Issues 

You don’t have to suffer from intimacy issues or sex issues connected to sex trauma (e.g. sexual assault, sexual harassament, sexual shame, etc) alone. We offer support from our Campbell, CA-based therapy practice. Contact us directly to request a 15 minute phone consult. 

Read more about our therapy services: 

Couples therapy and marriage counseling is not the only service we offer in our Campbell, CA-based therapy practice. Other services offered at Healing Therapy Services include anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, therapy for depression, postpartum depression therapy, therapy for teens, and children and families therapy. You can call or text to schedule an appointment or leave a voicemail at 408-620-7498. Or, email (click here).

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