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Holding Hands

With counseling, you can heal from the wounds of infidelity

Affair Recovery & Infidelity Counseling in Campbell,CA 

Couples counseling and marriage therapy for individuals who have been hurt by infidelity 

We are here to support you if you have just experienced your partner being unfaithful to you. It wasn't your intention to seek out a couples therapist for your relationship. However, the affair and strain in the relationship put you in a position that couples counseling is your last attempt to heal your broken trust. 

You might feel lost, confused, sad, or angry. We support you both through this as we have helped many couples recover from affairs and broken trust. Strengthening your partnership and rebuilding trust begins with couples counseling in Campbell, CA.

Therapy for couples in  Campbell, CA

You might feel flooded with emotions and confused. It is difficult to make sense of infidelity. You want help and to learn how to forgive your partner but you need help getting there. 

Forgiveness can take time. Building trust in your relationship takes time. Moving forward takes time. But it is not out of reach or impossible to access. When doing couples counseling therapy we work together to build trust, move forward, and forgive at a pace that works for you. 

 A couples therapist can provide you and your partner with the tools and support that you need to work through the pain and betrayal and ultimately, find forgiveness. Healing Therapy Services can help. We are skilled in working with couples that are struggling to build trust and repair their relationship

Healing from the Betrayal and Infidelity 

Telling the story of the affair is difficult for either partner. The person who was cheated on might feel tempted to retaliate so that the other partner could feel the hurt they feel. They might also shut down completely and avoid talking about it--neither of these approaches work. 

Wherever you find yourself know that you are not alone. Therapy for infidelity is a process. It requires both partners to show up and open up. During the exploration and healing processes, a couples therapist guides both partners while remaining neutral. Recovering from cheating is possible and both people involved can learn how to trust and move forward. Affair recovery takes times but when you work with a couples therapist who cares you can begin healing. 

What Couples Therapy Can Teach You

If you are willing to trust the process a couples therapist can help you rebuild your relationship. Couples therapy in Campbell, CA will teach you how to: 

  • Effectively communicate your needs

  • Set clear boundaries and respect differences

  • Problem solve 

  • Have a life outside your partnership

  • Actively listen AND be emotionally present 

  • Calmly respond versus be reactive

  • Address issues instead of avoiding

  • How to love you again

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Common Couples Therapy Questions for Affair Recovery:


Couples therapy and marriage counseling are the most effective treatments for infidelity issues. Pairing up with a licensed marriage and family therapist will help you address what happened, why it happened, and get to the core of the issues. 


Couples therapy can help with cheating. A therapist can help the couple rebuild trust and improve communication issues. Couples therapy in Campbell reconnects couples. Couples therapy and individual counseling is a great resource for couples wanting to repair trust issues, improve communication, address differences, and solve conflict. 


Eventually the person who experienced the betrayal and hurt from the affair will get to a point that they have done their own healing and can move forward. Couples therapy in Campbell and San Jose assists couples struggling with infidelity,betrayal, and affair recovery. However, it's not necessarily a quick fix for the partnership.


Many couples benefit tremendously from couples therapy for affair recovery and remain together while others choose to civilly go their separate ways. Not all couples are the same. Couples that choose to split after couples counseling learn how to be in a relationship and not repeat the same issues in the next partnership. Healing Therapy Services is dedicated to helping couples improve their partnership. We create a space for couples to heal, learn, and grow. A number of evidence-based treatment approaches are also offered, such as CBT and the Gottman Method. In couples counseling we provide you with the tools and skills to thrive in partnership. 


Couples Therapy because your partner discovered the affair: 

If you found yourself having an affair you might feel just as confused. After the affair you might be left wondering: Why did I do this? How did things get taken so far? 

You are looking to begin couples therapy because you feel awful and  ashamed. You might be seeking a couples therapist because you realized you don't want to lose your partner and want to do couples counseling to address your relationship concerns or you want to do individual counseling to process why the affair happened. How can you move forward if you are stuck in the shame and guilt. In couples therapy we can work together to practice self forgiveness. In order to improve your relationship you have to address what happened. 

Healing Therapy Services offers couples counseling in Campbell and Online therapy to help you move forward and get to the painful emotions so that the healing can begin. 

Couples counseling in Campbell will help you address those emotions and learn how to move forward. Healing is a process but we will be there with you during the highs and lows. 

Building Trust Takes Time

Couples therapy in Campbell, CA helps couples repair after the affair. Couples counseling help partners rebuild and address what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. 

You want to help your relationship and are seeking the help of a couples and marriage therapist. Healing Therapy Services is here to help couples heal after the affair. 

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