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Benefits of doing couples therapy

Seeking couples therapy and marriage counseling in Campbell, CA and the San Jose area.

Your relationship needs professional help. Although relationships are beautiful and joyful, they can also be challenging at times. Couples therapists understand that relationships and marriages are not a walk in the park. We are here to break down the benefits of marriage counseling and couples therapy in Silicon Valley. We are also listing an experiencedprovider that has assisted many couples improve their relationships.

The benefits of marriage counseling and couples therapy:

  • Improved emotional and physical intimacy

  • Learn effective communication methods

  • Encouraging better acceptance of one another

  • Build and repair broken trust

  • Learn how to work as a team

  • Address issues calmly

  • Work towards compromise

  • Begin to enjoy each other's company

  • Discover how to support each other

  • Find fun in your relationship

  • Work towards relationship and life goals

couples counseling for intimacy
couples therapy in the Silicon Valley

The breakdown of the couples counseling benefits:

  1. Many couples enter couples therapy with their emotional and physical intimacy lacking. It might be weeks or months before they have experienced physical intimacy with each other and it tears the relationship apart. Couples benefit from a physical and emotional connection. In couples therapy partners learn to address the barries of intimacy. This could be poor time management, resentment, arguing, depression, work, kids, etc. Whatever the reasons are that are keeping you and your partner from experiencing intimacy seeing a couples and marriage therapist in San Jose, CA will address these issues and work collaboratively to improve intimacy.

  2. Improved communication between partners. One of the top complaints that couples report is that "we have poor communication." A therapist will help you and your partner learn how to better communicate with each other. This will lead to a better understanding of each other's needs. Bottom line is if you want your marriage or relationship to improve you have to learn how to communicate. If youre communication style is passive or aggressive your relationship will experience stress. In couples therapy you will learn how to address issues, actively listen, modify your communication approach, and state your needs calmly.

  3. Talking about infidelity and trust issues. If you are struggling with broken trust in your marriage or relationship you are not alone. Couples counseling helps couples address the hurt from the affair and work together to slowly build trust. If both individuals are committed to addressing infidelity and broken trust and willing to do the work then positive changes can be made. For example, couples counseling can help the couple establish clear boundaries around their relationship, create opportunities for open and honest communication, and work on repairing the emotional damage caused by infidelity.

  4. Learning to compromise. When you're in a relationship it's no longer just about you. That might be painful to hear,but it's a fact. It's difficult to compromise but successful relationships require compromise. Compromise is an important tool in any relationship, as it shows the other person that you care about their feelings and opinions. It also helps to build trust and create a stronger bond, as it demonstrates that you are willing to make sacrifices for each other.

  5. Work as a team to become stronger. Couples counseling will equip you with tools to build a strong team. A partnership is a bond that grows stronger with effort and commitment. In couples counseling you will learn to work through some differences to remain a strong team.

It's clear that you're ready to try to go the extra mile in this relationship or marriage. Considering couples counseling is something you have been thinking about for quite some time. You might have debated whether or not to work with a licensed marriage and family therapist. Maybe you have purchased some books and read countless relationship blogs on Google and now feel ready to take the leap of faith to getting professional help from a couples counselor.

There are many couples therapists in San Jose, CA and Silicon Valley that can help couples struggling to improve communication and connection. A great option for couples counseling in the San Jose, CA area is Healing Therapy Services. This private therapy practice, just like you is committed to taking your relationship to the next level. This is done by incorporating evidence-based practices, empathetic listening, and compassion for all couples seeking help. When you feel ready to work with Healing Therapy Services you will be paired up with an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist who has helped many couples just like yourself address hardships in their partnership and discover new ways of handling conflict to access a successful and loving partnership.

There is no perfect relationship and all successful relationships require effort, time, honesty, and commitment. Couples therapy might help shed some light on where this relationship is going and provide both people with tools for dealing with issues as they arise. Your relationship or marriage can improve with the support of a couples therapist.

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