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Is it normal not to feel motivated ?

Many people lose motivation to do things at one point in their life.

Are you feeling like you are no longer motivated to do things you once enjoyed? Do you struggle to get out of bed? Is it hard for you to get going? You're not alone. Many people struggle with low motivation. The concern is when this lack of motivation is keeping you from doing anything, completing tasks, connecting with others, and enjoying your life. Humans are built to have connections. How many connections each individual has varies. Not every person can socialize with everyone, but we can all connect with at least one.

What is keeping you from not feeling motivated?

Maybe you're depressed. It's not easy to say "I have depression," but it's just as hard to avoid dealing with life and living in sadness. Have you experienced any sudden life changes? Such as a loss of loved one, increased stress at work, a breakup, loss of friends, moved to a new city, or an unexpected life stressor? There are many possible contributing factors to this sudden loss of motivation, but there is also ways to help yourself.

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How to feel motivated when depressed?

Feeling motivated is not always easy because your feelings of negativity can easily dominate and keep you trapped, but with some effort you can take proactive steps to see some positive changes.

One step to consider is making a list. This list can consist of what you want to do in the next three weeks or the next three months. Make a list of the places you want to see, things you might like to do, people you want to be around, the more you write things down the more motivated you will feel to achieve them.

Another step to improve your motivation is to address your unhelpful thoughts. You have to challenge these thoughts. These thoughts that keep you feeling down and trapped may not be real. Assuming that no one likes you and you have nothing to offer this world or your community will keep you feeling down and lonely. Loneliness can contribute to lack of motivation and keep us feeling stuck but there are ways to learn how to find motivation when struggling with depression. Depression can leave us feeling stuck, sad, unwanted, and not motivated to do anything, but talking to a professional licensed therapist skilled at treating depression will help you increase motivation and assist you with having a positive outlook on life.

It's not easy to figure out what is making you feel this way. You probably want to feel better but don't always know how. Some days you might feel like you have your life under control or at least hiding your emotional struggles from others and other days you feel like you're alone and can't seem to figure things out. Are your feelings normal? Yes, they are. You are human and humans don't always feel happy or motivated. Maybe you are comparing yourself to the social media influencers who always seem to have something fun going on and you can't even seem to get invited to a brunch. That comparing isn't helping you. Why? Because social media is not reality. All you are seeing is images specifically tailored to look appealing. Try not to compare your life to others but instead listen to people who inspire you to do better and encourage you to feel good about yourself. Listen to podcasts that help you enjoy you.

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Getting involved with community events

One way to feel better is to know that you are experiencing and how you feel will pass. Feelings come and go--even feelings of happiness. You will get through this hard time, but while you are going through motions try to surround yourself with people who will add a some joy to your life. Try joining a hiking group, indoor rock climbing group, take dance lessons, join a church, take an art class, the list goes on. These places have other people just like you want to participate. You don't have to connect with every person at these events but connecting with at least one might create that motivation you need to go back. Also incorporate hobbies to do alone. This will help you in enjoying time with you.

Getting professional support

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling better is never instant but that doesn't mean that we will forever feel sad or not motivated to do anything. Make that list of things you are looking forward to, sign up for a social group, call an old friend, and listen to podcasts that will fill your cup with hope. As already mentioned working with a mental health professional could help in building motivation. This could be a therapist or a psychiatrist for medication. Sometimes we need additional support to improve motivation. You get to decide what type of support works for you.

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