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How to pursue a career change confidently

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Maybe you have reached a point in your life in your career when you ask, is this it? Is this as good as it gets? No one wants to get to the point that they think they have hit a dead end in their career growth — yet so many of us do.

Do you feel lost, confused about what to do, scared of making a change? Chances are if you’re afraid of what is out there then you should probably take a look. But taking a leap of faith is scary. No job is secure and no opportunity is promised. Covid-19, proved that already. During the pandemic many people lost their jobs and people lost their jobs more frequently. People weren’t prepared for such drastic changes. Maybe during the pandemic your job was secure and has been secure this entire time that you feel loyalty to them. “I can’t leave my job…they have done so much for me.” Or maybe you landed your current position after months and months of applying and dealing with rejection so you think: “shouldn’t I be grateful?” Think about it this way: just because you were given an opportunity during a difficult chapter in your life does not mean you don’t deserve a better opportunity now.

The burden of guilt and fear can prevent us from seeing what lies on the other side of a mountain. Pursuing a career change can be hard. You want to grow, pursue something bigger, challenge yourself yet you stay stagnant. You stay in the same position that is leaving you thirsty for more but won’t leave because at least you are being fed. If you want that job promotion — ask. If you want a change in your career, apply. You don’t have a better opportunity because you aren’t applying towards it. You do not need others’ approval to pursue something greater. You simply need your own.

Here are three steps to pursuing a career change with confidence.

Step 1: Write your goals down. Write your goals down on paper or on your smart phone. What type of position do you want? How much income do you want and need to survive? If you live in the bay area you already know it’s expensive so no point in working for a place that does not provide you enough to live. As you write down your goals think of the job that would make you feel good and write that down.

Step 2: Say your goals out loud. When you are driving, on a walk, on a solo hike, or on the bus, say your goals out loud. “My name is ___________ and my goals are ________.” The more you speak it the more you believe it. As you express yourself, you manifest. You don’t need to voice your goals to others because you don’t need their approval and this is your vision, not theirs. If you choose to share your goals with others stick to them regardless of what they think.

Step 3: Take massive action. You wrote your goals down and spoke them into existence. Next is to do something about it. What needs to be done to get there? If you want that promotion, does your manager know you are interested? Have you applied? Have you updated your resume? Do you need to make some phone calls? No one will do the work for you. Action is up to you.

Changing your career or applying for a promotion is hard. Change is scary but would you be more afraid to create change or to stay in the same spot? Another way to deal with the anxiety that comes with career change is to talk to a therapist about it. Therapists can help you get over the fear hump and get down to the nitty gritty of what holds you back. In addition, read some self-help books. Visit Amazon or ask a friend what they recommend. Self-help books are also a great resource to help you make positive changes.

Just remember you are the only one that can keep you from getting to the other side of the mountain. You are equipped and capable of living the life you deserve. Change is available to you. You just need to apply

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