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Self-Care practice this Fall

Doing self-care for your mental health this Fall season

How long has it been since you practiced self-care? How long has it been since you made the time to take care of your body and mind? Depression and anxiety is real. Maybe you have experienced depression or anxiety this Fall season and it feels like you can't catch a break--but you desperately need one. Incorporating a self-care practice can help improve your mood, self-esteem, confidence and gives your body a small degree of rest.

Stop depriving your body and mind of rest. Your body needs to experience self-care because it benefits your mental health. When you take care of yourself you will begin to see positive changes in your life. There are budget friendly options to practice self-care if you are wanting to take care of yourself without breaking the bank.

What are the mental health benefits of self-care practice this Fall?

Some of the benefits you might experience with the incorporation of self-care practice this Fall is improved mood, improved self-esteem, decrease in overthinking and over-worrying. When you take care of yourself you will feel better and notice a change in your mood, stress levels, and behavior.

self-care and mental health

Self-care practice ideas:

  1. Soak your feet in Epsom salt. You can grab a bag of Epsom salts at your local Target or Walmart. You can also pick up a plastic bucket if you don't have one lying around in your home. Follow the directions on the epsom salt label and let your feet soak. Our feet get us from place to place and need rest. This is a great self-care practice to relax.

  2. Use a face mask. You could also invest a few dollars in a face mask if you are not able to get a facial from a professional. A facial might be a good thing for you to treat yourself to if you can.

  3. DIY mani and pedi at home. This is a great idea that can either be done at home or you can get a pedicure done by a professional.

  4. Take a bubble bath. If you are unable to take a bubble bath, take a longer shower. Sometimes it's helpful to update at least one bath item such as replacing your old shampoo bottle or buying a new body wash.

  5. Cook yourself a nice dinner or start your day with a homemade breakfast. Google a dinner recipe that you would love and take yourself to a grocery store and grab your ingredients. You can make this more enjoyable by getting yourself ready for your grocery shopping trip, picking up a pumpkin spice latte on your way home, and going to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

  6. Light that candle. You can do a mani/pedi and a facial while having your favorite candle scent in the background. Go buy a new candle or light one that has been in your home.

  7. Get some movement. A great way to practice self-care is to move your body. Your body benefits from movement. That could be in the form of walking, stretching, dancing, weight-lifting, running, hiking, playing a sport, etc. Start practicing gentle movements

How you choose to practice self-care is up to you, but attempt to incorporate it. It's a great way to make space and time for yourself. You already do so much for others why not treat yourself? Whether that is grabbing your favorite latte or buying yourself

How often should I practice self-care?

Practicing self-care varies, but don't wait until you are burned out and emotionally exhausted to begin taking care ofyourself. It is possible to gradually see a difference in your behavior by incorporating small changes into your daily routine. Another way of taking care of you is to speak to a professional counselor. Are you experiencing high levels of stress? Burned out? Sad? Getting help from a therapist can help you cope with the stressors that you encounter in your daily life. For example, a therapist can provide practical advice on how to manage stress, such as setting realistic goals, taking breaks throughout the day, or practicing breathing exercises.

Whatever struggles you are facing take care of you. You deserve rest and nourishment. Investing in your mental health is an important form of self-care. Don't hesitate to reach out to a therapist if you are feeling overwhelmed or need support. Taking care of yourself is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

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