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Fall Date Ideas for Couples

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The fall season is coming and it is time to run to Starbucks for the pumpkin cold brew and Target for the fall decor and vanilla scented candles. Fall isn't just a lovely season for pumpkin patches and pumpkin flavored lattes but for date nights with your partner. Are you looking for date ideas this Fall season? I got you covered. Here are 10 great fall date ideas for couples or fun things to do with your friends. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy a fun Fall date night. Date nights are great for bonding and with some of the date ideas listed below you and your partner can cozy up and enjoy this season. Let the Fall festivities begin.

Ten Fall date ideas for couples

#1 Get Outside and Hike

One way to enjoy this Fall season is to actually leave your home. How can you enjoy this fall season if you are staying in everyday? Go outside on a walk in your neighborhood. You and your partner can go on a nice evening, afternoon, or morning stroll. If you have a pup then why not walk your pup or pups together. Have a nice talk, hold hands, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful Fall colors. If you picked up your favorite fall coffee you might as well sip on it while doing a fun trail together--depending how intense your hike it. The fall is such a beautiful season and one way to take it all in is to go on a nice trail. This fall weather is begging to be explored and you both can take it all in on a nice hike. If you go on a morning hike it's a great excuse to get brunch after. Winning!

couple walking their dog, fall season

#2 Get coffee together

Do you both like coffee? If so then hit up your local favorite coffee shop or chain such as Peets, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or Dunkin' Donuts that have pumpkin flavored drinks on the menu. If you live in the San Jose, CA area and are looking for a great coffee shop to try is Living Room Coffee in Campbell, CA. They have great selection of coffee drinks to choose from and not to mention a cute sit down area for bonding time. Going to the coffee shop is a simple way to connect.

coffee dates in the fall

#3 Checkout a pumpkin patch

I don't think you really have to be told to visit a pumpkin patch but just in case you need a little reminder then this is a fun activity to add to your list. If you live in the Bay Area and like to have a nice ocean view then it is worth a trip to Half Moon Bay. There are more than one pumpkin patch to choose from, but here is one that is worth visiting

Andreotti Family Farms Pumpkin Patch. While you are in Half Moon Bay then you might as well stop by for calamari and chowder at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and if you can get seated outside to have a view of the ocean then it only adds to the experience.

couples pumpkin patch

#4 Do a movie night inside

When is the last time you both made your own popcorn, pulled out the fuzzy blankets, and made yourself a cocktail to enjoy a movie at home? I love movie nights in especially with great company. You don't have to go to the movie theater to enjoy a movie night and if you want to spice it up and have a blow up air mattress on hand you can set it up in your living room for an additional romantic experience.

#5 Bake a pizza together

You would be surprised how much fun you can have during this fall season by just baking a pizza together. Go to your local grocery store and pick up the ingredients for your homemade pizza night and get creative. If you feel stuck on what type of pizzas to make then you can look up recipes online. You don't have to be a professional chef to bake a fun pizza. Grab that marinara sauce and start cooking.

#6 Making halloween cookies together

You can either choose to make cookies from scratch or you can easily pop into the oven cookies you bought from your local grocery store. I prefer homemade because you both can get creative and bond together. Enjoy your cookies once they are done while watching a halloween movie. Here are some of my favorite premade cookie dough to bake those spooky cookies together.

halloween cookies at home

#7 Go to a brewery

Are you both beer fans? Fall is the best time to visit a brewery. Go to your local brewery for a fall date night. You could even find a brewery that allows dogs and you can bring your pup with you. Doing beer tasting is also a great idea for you and your partner to bond.

#8 Carve a pumpkin

Not everyone is into pumpkin carving but it can be a fun date night or a double date with another couple. If you enjoy hosting you can invite friends over to enjoy as well, but it can be just as fun with the both of you. You can carve the pumpkin you found at the pumpkin patch or you can buy one at your local grocery store. Start your carving .

#9 Board game night

If you have some board games or card games laying around it might be time to take them out and go at it. Our day-to-day lives is filled with technology that we can easily forget that a simple board game can be amusing. Play a game that you both would enjoy and make it interesting.

#10 Go dancing

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you can't go dancing. If you might be a little rusty on the moves you can take salsa lessons. If you have ever been curious on what it's like to take salsa lessons this might be a great date night. Or skip the lessons all together and play some fun dancing music in your home and go at it. No one is watching and no one cares what you look like. Be silly together and enjoy each other's company.

dancing couple outside

Enjoy the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Dates

There are so many fun things to do this Fall. The pumpkin patch is a great place to have fun or you can try some of the other ideas listed above.Whatever fall date ideas you choose to do it will be a great time. If you are also noticing that you and your partner might be going through a rough patch this season then it would be helpful to talk to a couples therapist. If you live in the San Jose, CA area and wanted to see a professional therapist on site instead of virtual you could work with a couples therapist in Campbell, CA that provides couples therapy and marriage counseling for couples wanting to improve their relationship especially going into the holiday season.

No matter what you choose to do this season make sure you enjoy it. Get yourself a pumpkin latte, go on a walk, and take care of you.


Healing Therapy Services is a private therapy practice in Campbell, CA and online providing couples therapy and individual counseling for adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, life stress, and trauma.


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