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Teen Therapy in Campbell, CA

Helping Teens and Parents in the Campbell, CA and San Jose area 

Being a teen can be hard--Therapy helps. 

Teen Therapy in Campbell, CA can help your teen discover healthier ways of coping with conflict and intense emotions in a safe and accepting space. This will improve communication, social skills, and coping skills. Healing Therapy Services in Campbell help teens, children and families work through difficult issues in their lives. 



An experienced teen therapist and counselor can offer your teen specialized therapy services covering: 

Anxiety, depression, family issues, communication, behavioral issues, academic performance, low mood, poor self-esteem, boundary setting, body image and relationship issues.

teen therapy in Los Gatos, CA

 Building a brighter future with teen counseling 

Teens want to connect with others but don't always know how. This is why therapy with a licensed therapist helps. 

Your teenager wants to have meaningful friendships and relationships with others but sometimes they don't always know how to connect especially if they are struggling to connect with themselves. You can help your teen address some of their hard patches by doing teen therapy. Teen therapy in Campbell, CA is available for teens who want to learn, heal, and grow. 

Therapy Services offered to Teens

Healing Therapy Services works with teens struggling with various issues. We provide caring support and address the issues they want to talk about at a pace that works for them. 


Teen therapy for Depression

They could be struggling with depression and that impacts relationships, energy, mood, and concentration at school. Pair your child with a licensed therapist to address their depression and help them start healing. 

Girl in Classroom

Teen Therapy for Anxiety

Do you notice that your child worries a lot? Anxiety impacts teens and adults, but with effective therapy you can treat the anxiety that is getting in the way of living your best life. Healing Therapy Services helps teens address their anxiety and get to the root of the problem. 

Smiling Student

Teen Therapy for Self-Esteem

Recognizing that your teen is struggling with poor self-esteem is the first step. Most teens struggle with these issues and in therapy we address the struggles and learn how to love and heal themselves in a safe and accepting space. 

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Benefits of teen counseling in Campbell, CA

Teenagers also need counseling to talk things out

Parents know what it's like to be a teenager but teenagers have no idea what it's like to be an adult. They have not reached the same level of maturity, taken on the same amount of responsibilities, had same life experiences, but sometimes are expected to "know better" when in reality they actually don't. 

If you're a parent and you have been wondering "should my child see therapist?" There is a reason why. Maybe your teen is keeping to themselves in their room more, struggling to accept their physical image, grades are dropping, increased arguing, so on.  Your teen needs to be heard and supported.They would benefit from seeing a licensed therapist skilled at working with teens just like them.

Benefits of Teen Counseling at Healing Therapy Services 

We listen to your teen. Healing Therapy Services accepts teenagers as they are. We are not interested in changing, molding, or fixing teenagers but instead we are interested in laughing with them, showing them they are valued, accepted, and cared for. 

We offer after school hours for sessions. We offer therapy at our Campell, CA office and virtual for teens living in California. Our space is safe and accepting of all. 

In therapy sessions we support teens struggling with: 

  • academic stress, pressure to perform well, low grades

  • body changes, exploration of sexuality, gender identity 

  • inability to build or maintain relationships with peers or teachers

  • depression, anxiety, irritability 

  • family issues (e.g parents separation, sibling rivalry, etc.)

Our goal for therapy is to have your teen feeling more confident, accepted, calm, and practicing self love. 

Ready to work with a teen therapist in Campbell, CA?

Your teen needs help and we want to support. The global Covid-19 pandemic has shown us just how important mental health support is. We are ready to help teens get the mental health support they deserve so they can improve their outlook on life. We are here to help teens cope with life stressors and feel inspired to show the world who they are!

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