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Emotional intimacy therapy for couples in Campbell, CA

Helping couples build deeper and lasting emotional connections

Restoring emotional intimacy in couples through counseling ​

When was the last time you and your partner had fun together or felt emotionally connected? Has it been a while that it makes you rethink if you will ever connect? Did you connect at the beginning of your relationship and now you have felt that maybe that connection you once had has fizzled out? Is it hard to schedule quality time together? 


If you are saying yes to this you are not the only one. Couples get busy and the busier we become, the less time we have for each other. One way to repair this relationship is by joining a couples therapist to bring back that emotional flame you crave.  Couples counseling is a process and rebuilding a connection will take time but we will address the barriers that have gotten in the way of emotionally connecting as you once did before. 

San Jose & Campbell couples counselor and relationship therapist 


What is an emotional connection in a relationship and how does couples therapy help? 

An emotional connection in a relationship is a mutual feeling of alignment that surpasses physical attraction and bonds two people. You know when you have an emotional connection with a person when being in their presence makes you feel safe, valued, happy, and you enjoy each others company outside of physical intimacy. 

Some couples have recognized that this emotional connection that they once had may have diminished yet the love for each other is still there. This is where couples therapy can help. Working with a licensed marriage and family therapist that specializes working with couples can assist the partnership in identifying what has changed in the partnership and how to rekindle that spark. We work collaboratively to address the barriers in the reduction of the emotional connection to get you both bonding and making time to enjoy each others company. By participating in couples counseling in Campbell, CA you will show your commitment to improving and strengthening your relationship and marriage. 

You love them but you can't always connect with them 

Is your romantic relationship lacking the spark you used to have?

Reduced emotional connection does not mean the relationship is over, it just means that this relationship/marriage needs a little more work. Think about what actually works in the partnership and what initially attracted you to your partner. Sometimes our own personal struggles with work, anxiety, depression, addiction, raising children, grief and loss, etc. can take a toll on our mental health which then can negatively impact the emotional connection that you once felt towards your person, but couples therapy in Campbell, CA can help. 

As the trust and understanding between you both grows, the emotional intimacy will become stronger, leading to greater connection and satisfaction in your relationship.

How to know if you should do couples counseling for emotional intimacy 

If you think that you and your partner are both struggling to emotionally connect, couples therapy would be helpful in addressing the barriers. Counseling for couples in Campbell, CA can help you communicate your needs, emotions, and ideas about relationships.

If you feel that it's you going through your own mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, postpartum depression, or work stress that is keeping you from emotionally connecting, then you might need individual counseling to begin your own personal work. Individual therapy will help you process your struggles and make you moreavailable to your partner but first you must be available to yourself. 

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