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Child Therapy & Counseling in Campbell, CA

Children also benefit from therapy for their mental health

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If you are a concerned parent seeking counseling for your child then Healing Therapy Services can help. We are equipped at helping children manage emotions, improve behaviors, and improve self-esteem. 

Children benefit from child therapy with a licensed marriage and family therapist skilled at providing child therapy in Campbell, CA. 

Children counseling to help children & parents understand each other 

We are here to help children and parents understand each other. Children benefit from support from a licensed therapist to improve their ability to communicate their needs and emotions. Parents also benefit from working with a psychotherapist to assist at understanding and parenting their child. 

When children work with a licensed therapist or professional psychologist they can learn new ways of coping to stimuli and life stressors

Licensed therapists in Campbell, CA can support your child in improving their school and home experience. The use of psychotherapists can support parents in learning effective ways of addressing behavioral concerns. Here are some of the skills children can learn in child therapy with a licensed therapist.

  • How to identify their emotions and differentiate them from their thoughts

  • How to communicate emotions with others calmly

  • The ability to express their needs to parents, teachers, and peers (e.g. need for space, need for support, etc.).

  • Developing peer-to-peer relationships

  • The ability to regulate their emotions when faced with stressors

  • Enhance their self-esteem and confidence in decision-making

  • Establishing appropriate boundaries and respecting others' boundaries

  • Enhancing listening skills

  • Improve your ability to resolve conflicts

  • Improve concentration and organizational skills

Healing Therapy Services Helps Children Struggling With: 

  • Behavioral issues at home or in school 

  • Dealing with traumatic events 

  • Tantrums and frequent behavioral outbursts

  • Depression (e.g withdrawn, isolative, sad)

  • Anxiety (e.g irritable, over worrying, sleep issues) 


  • Sensory Issues 

  • Self-esteem issues 

  • Relationship Issues 

  • Struggling in adapting to changes 


counseling help for children

Our mission and how we help children and families in Campbell, CA

Our mission is to provide access to mental health support, helping children become resilient and successful at home, at school and in life. A licensed therapist at Healing Therapy Services can assist your child. We help children struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. 

Is it time to seek children's counseling for your child?

Here are some signs to look out for:

If your child exhibits one or more of the following, Healing Therapy Services can help. Healing Therapy Services has an experienced therapist ready to help children and families overcome challenges.

  • Inability to sleep or concentrate

  • Excessive irritability or being easily angered

  • Mood swings and emotional dysregulation

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Frequent sadness or crying

  • Withdrawing from friends and activities

  • Loss of energy and low motivation

  • Excessive worry and overthinking 

Child Counseling
Work with a child's therapist in Campbell, CA

We are eager to help children and families  grow and prosper. With a child therapist in Campbell, CA you and your child will start to see positive changes at school and home. 

Schedule your free consultation to start helping your child improve their mood, behavior, self-esteem, and school performance. 

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